Juridical service

For our clients, we provide all juridical services in the country and abroad when buying real estate or renting.

We will provide and prepare all contractual documents. We will negotiate with you for the authorities and obtain the necessary documents and permits for the implementation of your business case.

Abroad, we will arrange for you all the necessary permits, tax numbers, bank account, mortgage. We also provide translations of all contracts and an interpreter for notarial negotiations.

We will help with registrations in the cadastre, organizing notarial negotiations on the transfer of ownership, arranging insurance and transfers of supply contracts and, if you wish, arranging the administration or lease of your newly acquired property.

We will advise you on how to exchange money abroad, and if you go your own way, we will recommend a trusted lawyer or technical expert depending on the type of property in a particular country.

Juridical services are provided exclusively by reputable partner law firms and notaries

Through our law firms, we are able to provide clients with complete legal advice and service related to real estate transfers. We work together with clients from the initial consultation to the final conclusion of contracts. Overview of provided services:

  • legal advice in connection with real estate transfers
  • drafting contracts and proposals for the deposit of rights in the real estate cadastre
  • verification of documents and signatures
  • notary custody of money and documents
  • legal custody of money and documents
  • submission of a proposal for the deposit of ownership rights in the cadastre
  • preparation of tax returns, provision of expert opinion